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AUDI 2008 kombi 5d
AUDI S4   3.0 Avant TFSI 6G quattroBenzin 95Manual3332505.22008-2019
AUDI S4   3.0 Avant TFSI S tronic quattroBenzin 95Tiptronic3332505.42008-2019
AUDI S4 (B8)
AUDI S4   3.0 (333Hp)Benzin 98Manual3332505.22008-2019
AUDI S4   3.0 (333Hp) S tronicBenzin 98Tiptronic3332505.42008-2019
AUDI S4   3.0 TFSI 6G quattroBenzin 95Manual3332505.12008-2019
AUDI S4   3.0 TFSI S tronic quattroBenzin 95Tiptronic3332505.32008-2019
AUDI S4 Cabriolet
AUDI S4   4.2 i V8 40V quattro AT (344 Hp)Benzin 98Automatic3442506.22003-2019
AUDI S4   4.2 i V8 40V quattro (344 Hp)Benzin 98Manual3442505.92003-2019
AUDI S4 Avant (8E)
AUDI S4   4.2 i V8 AT (344 Hp)Benzin 98Automatic3442505.92002-2019
AUDI S4   4.2 i V8 (344 Hp)Benzin 98Manual3442505.82002-2019
AUDI S4 (8E)
AUDI S4   4.2 i V8 AT (344 Hp)Benzin 98Automatic3442505.82002-2007
AUDI S4   4.2 i V8 (344 Hp)Benzin 98Manual3442505.62002-2007
AUDI S4 Avant (8D,B5)
AUDI S4   2.7 T (265 Hp)Benzin 95Manual2652505.81997-2001
AUDI S4 (8D,B5)
AUDI S4   2.7 T (265 Hp)Benzin 95Manual2652505.71997-2001
AUDI S4 (4A,C4)
AUDI S4   2.2 S4 Turbo quattro AT (230 Hp)Benzin 98Automatic2302398.31991-1994
AUDI S4   2.2 S4 Turbo quattro (230 Hp)Benzin 98Manual2302446.81991-1994
AUDI S4   4.2 S4 V8 quattro (280 Hp)Benzin 98Manual2802476.61992-1994
AUDI S4   4.2 S4 V8 quattro (290 Hp)Benzin 95Manual290  1994-1994

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8 Years ago

volvo s60
audi s4
First Drive: 2012 Volvo S60 R-Design
We really like Volvo's new S60, one of the best cars to ever come from the folks in Gothenburg. It's certainly the best in recent memory. And for 2012, it got even better, thanks to the addition of the sporty Volvo S60 R-Design - the heir to the first-generation S60 R and the 850 R of the 1990s, not to mention the various sporty turbobricks of the '80s and early '90s.

В The first R-Design model was the C30 a couple of years ago, though the compact hatch received a purely cosmetic package. In contrast, the S60 gets performance enhancements as well. Output increases from the standard T-6 engine's 300 horses and 325 lb-ft to 325 horsepower and 354 pound-feet thanks to an increase in boost to 14.5...

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9 Years ago

mercedes benz c
mercedes benz
audi rs4
First Look: 2012 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG
Like most of the world's top automakers, Mercedes-Benz has been increasingly feeling the heat from ever stricter emissions and fuel economy standards, which have been forcing the folks in Stuttgart to replace larger, naturally aspirated engines with smaller, more efficient forced induction versions. Fans of the C63 AMG were sure the super-sedan would suffer that fate in the name of saving the polar bears. Despite the pressure, disciples of the big piston can rejoice: Benz kept the 451-horsepower 6.2-liter naturally aspirated V-8 in the new 2012 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG, and it's more ice-cap friendly to boot.

The previous generation C63 AMG was a revelation to fans of midsize European performance...

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