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AUDI 2008 cabrio 2d
AUDI A5   2.0 Cabrio TFSI 6G (211 Hp)Benzin 95Manual2112417.52008-2020
AUDI A5   2.0 Cabrio TFSI S tronic (211 Hp) quattroBenzin 95Tiptronic2112387.32008-2020
AUDI A5   2.0 Cabrio TFSI Multitronic (180 Hp)Benzin 95Variator1802198.92008-2020
AUDI A5   2.0 Cabrio TFSI Multitronic (211 Hp)Benzin 95Variator2112337.92008-2020
AUDI A5   3.2 Cabrio FSI S tronic quattroBenzin 95Tiptronic2652506.92008-2020
AUDI A5   3.2 Cabrio FSI MultitronicBenzin 95Variator2652466.92008-2020
AUDI A5   1.8TFSI (170 Hp)Benzin 95Manual1702288.42008-2020
AUDI A5   1.8TFSI (170 Hp) multitronicBenzin 95Tiptronic1702188.62008-2020
AUDI A5   2.0 TDI (170 Hp)DieselManual1702308.32008-2020
AUDI A5   2.0 TDI (170 Hp) QuattroDieselManual1702308.32008-2020
AUDI A5   2.0 TFSI (180 Hp)Benzin 95Manual1802367.82008-2020
AUDI A5   2.0 TFSI (211 Hp)Benzin 98Manual2112506.92008-2020
AUDI A5   2.0 TFSI (211 Hp) QuattroBenzin 98Manual2112506.92008-2020
AUDI A5   2.0 TFSI 6G (180 Hp)Benzin 95Manual180  2007-2020
AUDI A5   2.0 TFSI 6G (211 Hp)Benzin 95Manual211  2007-2020
AUDI A5   2.0 TFSI 6G quattro (211 Hp)Benzin 95Manual211  2007-2020
AUDI A5   2.0 TFSI (180 Hp) MultitronicBenzin 95Tiptronic1802268.12008-2020
AUDI A5   2.0 TFSI (211 Hp) MultitronicBenzin 98Tiptronic2112406.92008-2020
AUDI A5   2.0 TFSI (211 Hp) Quattro S tronicBenzin 98Tiptronic2112456.52008-2020
AUDI A5   2.0 TFSI S tronic quattro (211 Hp)Benzin 95Tiptronic211  2007-2020
AUDI A5   2.0 TFSI Multitronic (180 Hp)Benzin 95Variator180  2007-2020
AUDI A5   2.0 TFSI Multitronic (211 Hp)Benzin 95Variator211  2007-2020
AUDI A5   2.7 TDI (190 Hp)DieselManual1902397.92008-2020
AUDI A5   2.7 TDI (190 Hp) MultitronicDieselTiptronic1902327.62008-2020
AUDI A5   3.0 TDI quattro (240Hp)DieselManual2402505.92007-2020
AUDI A5   3.0 TDI quattro (240Hp) TiptronicDieselTiptronic2402506.12007-2020
AUDI A5   3.0 TDI Tiptronic quattroDieselTiptronic2402506.12007-2020
AUDI A5   3.2 FSI (265Hp) QuattroBenzin 95Manual2652506.12007-2020
AUDI A5   3.2 FSI 6G quattroBenzin 95Manual2652506.12007-2020
AUDI A5   3.2 FSI (265Hp) MultitronicBenzin 95Tiptronic2652506.62007-2020
AUDI A5   3.2 FSI (265Hp) Quattro tiptronicBenzin 95Tiptronic2652506.42007-2020
AUDI A5   3.2 FSI Tiptronic quattroBenzin 95Tiptronic2652506.42007-2020
AUDI A5   3.2 FSI MultitronicBenzin 95Variator2652506.62007-2020
AUDI A5 Cabriolet
AUDI A5   2.0 TFSI (211 Hp)Benzin 98Manual2112417.52008-2020
AUDI A5   2.0 TFSI (180 Hp) MultitronicBenzin 95Tiptronic1802506.62008-2020
AUDI A5   2.0 TFSI (211 Hp) MultitronicBenzin 98Tiptronic2112337.92008-2020
AUDI A5   2.7 TDI (190 Hp)DieselManual1902308.62008-2020
AUDI A5   2.7 TDI (190HP) MultitronicDieselTiptronic1902327.62007-2020
AUDI A5   3.0 TDI (240 Hp) S tronicDieselTiptronic2402476.42008-2020
AUDI A5   3.2 TFSI (265 Hp) MultitronicBenzin 95Tiptronic2652466.92008-2020

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9 Years ago

mercedes benz
audi a5
First Drive: 2012 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Coupe
Timing is key. Mercedes-Benz's new C-Class Coupe will arrive in the U.S. this fall, half a year before archrival BMW replaces its 3 Series, including the coupe, the most consistently successful such two-door in this class. While BMW typically needs a full year between a new 3 Series introduction and a new M3 hot rod, AMG already has the proper engine, the 6.2-liter "63," plus all the other mods, including chassis and bodywork, from the well-established C63 sedan and not-for-U.S. wagon, so its hot rod will launch concurrently with the new C-Coupe bodystyle.

В Both the new C-Class Coupe and its AMG variant fill many gaps beyond the one BMW is about to create. They take the place of the moderately...

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volkswagen jetta
audi a5
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First Test: 2011 Volkswagen Jetta SEL Sport
In North America, Volkswagen has always had a rather strong cult following, albiet with a somewhat soft mass market appeal. But with designs on becoming the world's largest automotive manufacturer by 2018, the VW Group needs more attractive cars that also offer something different than the average transportation appliance. Enter the totally new 2011 Volkswagen Jetta.

No longer a Golf with a growth, the Jetta is larger, sleeker and in several senses of the word, cheaper, than the car it replaces. VW intended this car to be a North American success from the outset, and so far, the signs are encouraging -- Jetta sales are surging at the end of 2010.

В The new Jetta represents a bit of a flashback...

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